AC & Heating

Air Conditioning and Furnace Service We provide service, installation and maintenance of quality energy rated systems. We will diagnose and troubleshoot your system to insure your needs meet your comfort level.​Our trained technicians will insure that your system is running properly by inspecting and repairing all the necessary parts.

Air Conditioning Service
When summer time hit's Houston it's hot! Residents must prepare for long hot, humid days that require running the air conditioner 24 hours a day. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system is very important and if your air conditioning fails it's critical that you get fast service. Our goal is to keep your family happy and comfortable all summer long... 

We offer: 
Air conditioning installation & repair
Annual check-up and maintenance plans
Service on all air conditioning systems
Scheduled repairs and maintenance
24-hour emergency repairs
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We pledge to resolve any issues


New Air Conditioning System or Furnace Installation
If you need a new air conditioner, AM PM24hr Service technicians do a complete load calculation specific to your home and will recommend an appropriately sized unit, install the system that you choose and suggest ways to lower energy bills such as insulation, programmable thermostats and more.​​ ​

Annual Maintenance
Even a well-maintained Air Conditioning or Furnace system occasionally requires ac repair. You can schedule routine air conditioning repairs on-line or calling 281-741-8631 for an appointment. Heating, and air conditioning systems account for a significant portion of home electrical use. Keeping your air conditioning unit in excellent working condition saves energy and money. Annual maintenance checks include cleaning or replacing filters, adding refrigerants to proper levels, leveling thermostats and inspecting condensers, blowers and lubricants.

Heating Services
To avoid emergency heating repairs when temperatures fall, it is important to make sure your furnace and heating system is in excellent working order. At AM PM 24 hr. Services, we care about your comfort. We offer a number of furnace repair and installation services in the Houston area to help you stay warm and comfortable M& M 24hr. Services expert hvac technicians are qualified to undertake all aspects of furnace installation, furnace repair and maintenance. ​

Our services include:​​​
sales and installation of furnaces and heating systems
furnace repair on any make or model
20-point furnace check-up
maintenance contracts
service contracts for furnace repair
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We pledge to resolve or refund.
Emergency service.​